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maead mini crawler crane cc1485

Lifting Capacity 6.0t x 2.6m
Pick and carry duties: 2,000kg
Max lifting height 16.7m
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maeda cc1485



Crane capacity 6.0t X 2.6m
Max. working radius 16.10m
Max.lifting height (on the ground) 16.7m (22.0m with fly jib)
Max.lifting height (underground) -24.5m (4 falls)/-50.5m (2 falls)/-103.5m (single fall)
Winch system Hook speed 32m/min [46m/mln] (4 layers, 4 falls)
Hoist wire rope IWRC 6 X Fi(29) Ø10mm X 115m
Wire falls for hook 4 falls / 2 falls
Telescoping system Type Fully automatic 5-section pentagonal telescopic boom
Boom length 4.745 -16.265m
Boom telescoping stroke /time 11.52m/33sec
Boom hoist system Holst angle / time -4 - 80deg/19sec
Swing system swing angle /time 360deg/1.9rpm
Drive system Travel speed Low 0 - 1.9km/h
Travel speed High 0 - 3.2km/h
Gradability 34deg
Crawler ground length X width 2,880 X 500mm
Ground pressure 49kpa (0.50kgf/cm2) [50kPa (0.51kgf/cm2) with fly Jib]
Engine Model ISUZU 4LE2XDPC
Displacement 2.179L [2,179cc]
Rated output 40.3kw/2,000min-1 [54.8PS/2,000rpm]
Fuel/ Fuel tank capacity Diesel/140 L
Pick Carry capacity 2000kg
Overall length X width X height 6,560 X 2,490 X 2,865mm
Machine weight 15,640kg (15,850kg with fly jib)
Safety device Overwind protection, Hydraulic safety valve, Wire rope latch, Level, Safety lock lever, tilt alarm, EMO switch, Moment limiter, LED working status lamp, Rear view camera, data logger
Optional equipment Rubber pads, Single fall hook, Fly jib

* Further details, please contact PACECRANES.
Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.

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