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maead mini crawler crane lc383m

Lifting Capacity 2.93t x 1.5m
Dimensions: 4,020 x 1,740 x 2,495
Machine weight: 4,400kg

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LC383M-5 Specification Sheet


Crane capacity 2.93t X 1.5m
Max. working radius 8.38m X 0.20t
Max.lifting height (on the ground) 9.3m X 1.19t
Max.lifting height (underground) 15.5m X 0.98t
Winch System Hook Speed 19.5m/min (4 falls)
Hoist Wire Rope IWRC 6 × Ws(26) φ8mm × 73m
Telescoping system Type Fully automatic 4-section pentagonal telescopic boom
Boom Length 3.18~8.71m
Boom Telescoping Stroke/Time 5.53m/ 15.5sec
Boom Hoist System Hoist Angle/Time 0~80deg/ 11sec
Swing System Hoist Angle/Time 360deg/2.5rpm
Travel System Drive Method Both-side independent steering control, Hydraulic piston motor with built-in automatic brake, planet reduction gears, sprocket, crawler
Travel speed (Lo/ High) 2.7/5.0
Gradability 20
Crawler ground length X width 1650 X 300
Ground Pressure 43.5 [0.44]
Engine Model Yanmar 3TNV88
Displacement 1,642cc
Rated Output 21.5kw/ 2,400min -1 [29.2PS/ 2,400rpm]
Starting Method Electric Starting
Fuel / Fuel tank capacity Diesel / 42.0l
Pick and Carry Capacity 1,465kg
Overall length × width × height 4,020 X 1,740 X 2,495
Machine weight 4,400kg
Blade width × height 1,740 X 355
Safety device Overwind protection, Hydraulic safety valve, Wire rope latch, Level, Safety lock lever, Side mirrors
Machine body inclination alarm, EMO switch, Moment limiter, Rotary lamp, Data logger
Blade/Crane interlock system
Optional equipment Rubber pads, Single fall hook, Searcher hook

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