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INCREASED GRADEABILITY Shuttlelift provides Increased Gradeability through additional wheel motors that allow its gantry cranes to travel over inclined or uneven surfaces. This increases the crane’s travelling efficiency, and it allows you to maximize your yard space by utilizing areas once deemed unusable. WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROL Shuttlelift’s Wireless Remote Control increases operator visibility of the load by allowing the operator to be anywhere around the load or work being performed, improving operational safety and ensuring maximum maneuverability. The remote is laid out in the same format as the backup operator cab controls for an extra measure of efficiency and safety. ARTICULATED PIVOT TRUNNION Shuttlelift’s articulated Pivot Trunnion allows the crane’s frame to articulate while it travels over uneven terrain without causing structural damage or risking the safety of the load.

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Shuttlelift SB Series Specification Sheet

SB Series Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane

The SB series is ideally suited to today’s marketplace, in which components are getting longer, tandem picks are becoming more common, and plant managers are looking for a more cost-effective way to do business. With just a single traversing beam and single hook, any load inside the plant can be easily transported to your yard without extra handling equipment.

Our revolutionary SB series currently offers gantry cranes that range from 15 ton to 100 ton (U.S.) capacity and greater. Our sales team will work closely with you to ensure that your SB series gantry crane meets your needs and surpasses your expectations, and we’ll continue to partner with you as your business moves forward.

Unparalleled Cost Savings

The Shuttlelift gantry cranes offer greater value for less. With our vast offering of valuable features, options, and CustomerCare services, you will benefit by reducing operational costs and improving your bottom line.

Engineered for your specific lifting needs

With a rubber tyred gantry crane from Shuttlelift, you're getting more than just a crane. You are getting an innovative, customized lifting solution that is designed and built to your specifications. Shuttlelift gantry cranes are for long-term, heavy duty cycle use, and our team will work in partnership with you throughout your machine's many years of reliable service.

Simplified Operation
When you're dealing with on-site material handling, stability, and planning issues, it takes valuable time away from the job at hand. With Shuttlelift's rubber-tired gantry cranes, loads are suspended directly beneath the frame so operators do not need to interpret complex stability charts.
Optimum performance efficiency
You can utilize every sqaure foot of your yard and facility with one machine. With options such as our All-Wheel Electronic Steering, a Shuttlelift gantry crane can provide your operation with maximum flexibility, maneuverability and precision handling in the most confined spaces.
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