valla cranes 90e

Mobile Pick and Carry Cranes

Max Lifting Capacity: 9 t

Overall Width: 1735 mm

Gross Weight: 9000 kg

valla 90d


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90E Specification Sheet

90D Specification Sheet

Crane Frame Six-wheel frame fabricated from preformed and welded steel plate with built-in counterweight
Traction (e) By DC 14 kw 48V reversible electric motor, controlled by inverter, electromagnetic control on disk brake
Transmission (d) Automatic (hydrostatic) “automotive”. Differential axle. Max speed 13 Km/h.
Battery (e) 48V 700Ah battery, battery meter on dashboard
Engine (d) Diesel 37 Kw , 4 cylinders, water cooled with electric starter and
automatic fuel switch off.
Brakes Foot hydraulically operated brakes (disc on front, drums on rear wheels). Parking hand brake mechanically operated
Suspension Oscillating rear axle with mechanical lock
Steering Power steering with hydraulic cylinder and 140° articulation. Safety valves and filter.
Wheels Nr. 2 rear pneumatic 23 x 9 R10” - Nr. 4 front superelastic 23 x 10-12”
Boom Boom fabricated from preformed and welded quality steel plate. Nr.4 telescoping sections: 1 fixed; 3 hydraulically telescoping. Fitted with nylon wear pads adjustable wear pads on the sides
Boom Control Distributor by proportional levers. Motor driven pump 5kW 48V
LMI Electronic Load Moment Indicator. Display showing lifted load, max allowed load, tilting percentage, operating radius, angle, telescope and light indicators on the operative mode
Total Weight Approx.6100kg (e) 1950 kg (el)
Max Capacity 9000kg (e) 2250 kg (el)
Optional Hydraulic winch; special oversized hydraulic winch; chain hoists; carry-deck; battery charger (on board and stand-alone); manual and hydraulic jibs; cable remote control; radio remote control; low temperatures kit; working light; fire extinguisher

* Further details, please contact PACECRANES.
† Due to improvements, the specifications are subject to change without notice.

90E-D Loads

90e-d loads